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What does The FOOL tarot card feel like?

Imagine yourself looking at an empty dance floor while the deejay is playing your favorite jam. You look around the room...every one else is just sitting, chatting, standing around. You feel a pull to go to the center of the dance want to this jam. There is no doubt within. So you walk onto the dance floor and you GET DOWN and GET FUNKY. Who cares what anyone else thinks? This is how THE FOOL feels. Carefree.

But let's face it...not everyone is going to just get down and do a funky solo. They will stop and think about the risk of appearing foolish. So what is the risk here? Some may laugh at you, some may admire the freedom, some may get inspired and join you on the dance floor. You may end up feeling foolish. The truth is, it doesn't matter because this is about you taking this first step regardless of an outcome. Your soul just needs to do it. The Fool within says, I'll deal with the outcome later, this feels right. I'm going to let go and land where I land. It may be a short journey, it may be a long one. Just keep in mind, it is about learning the unknown valuable lessons that come from situations that at first, seem risky. You have free will. You can always make a U-turn half way onto the dance floor. It's not about what happens later, it's about taking the first step towards something that your soul would like to experience. A first new step most always feels like a fools journey.

When we receive the THE FOOL card we have the opportunity to let go, be whimsical and carefree. Trust what your soul would like to partake in for the sake of letting go and not needing to know an outcome. The FOOL is willing to take that chance. Have you ever met a FOOL type person? They are usually fun to be around because they just don't care what other people think, have a sense of humor, and are lighthearted. And for those who fear being foolish, know that it is great to feel foolish once in awhile!

I currently feel like I am working with FOOL energy as I type this out. Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? Does it matter? I need to do it. I am trusting the urge to follow through on this unknown path. I am also painting a lot of abstracts on canvas in hopes of selling them. As I upload them onto a new website, I can hear the voices inside me...will I appear foolish? Will anyone care? I don't have the answer now but it's worth taking the initial steps to see what happens. I am willing to feel foolish now.

Key feelings: Being open; taking new baby steps, forgiving self for making mistakes; trusting you'll be ok no matter what; optimistically looking at the brighter side; a "whatever happens happens" outlook; walking into a new world

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Hi🦋 My name is Tiffany and I’m a friend of Oran. I love this post! Thank you for being open and honest about how the Fool plays a part in our lives. The way you described the Fools characteristic essence really resonated with me. I could “see” how I can work towards allowing that essence more access to my system. Thanks! Super fascinating!

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