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here are some Yelp reviews 

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Min, Playwright

"Deedra's tarot readings have brought me so much clarity of perspective in my life path. Our conversation during each reading really brought to light where I'm at in my career and personal growth. What's also great is that the benefits of the reading aren't over when the session is over. I have found that returning to the reading (easily done as Deedra very kindly takes a photo and sends a detailed email about what was discussed) in the months that follow also brings new insight. If you're looking for quick and easy answers to a specific problem, you may receive some clarity, but chances are the problem is linked to other themes or areas in your life, and a reading with Deedra will undoubtedly nudge at them all. But if you're willing to tune in to your intuition and stay open to what is flowing your way, this will be a truly enriching experience."


Alannah, Bio Tech Office Manager

“You did a fabulous job conveying the information you were reading/feeling/sharing from the cards regarding each topic we discussed.  There was such fluidity in all you had to say which was not only knowledgeable but quite reassuring because you had such conviction in your presentation of each card.  Your confidence allowed me to really receive the information with an open minded frame of mind and to hear what was being conveyed.  Now to have this expansive written overview of the reading is really beneficial for further awareness as I reread each section and relate it to past/present life situations.  To have the reading, overview and pictures has far surpassed what I could have imagine I would receive from a Tarot reading and I am so thrilled I made the choice and you were my Tarot specialist!!.  The reading has made a difference and I VERY MUCH look forward to working with you again on some other areas of my life I would like to learn a bit more about.  I will be in touch!!”


Megan, Technical Writer 

"This was my first tarot reading ever, and Deedra made me feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed throughout the entire process.  The reading was insightful and allowed me to see some of the obstacles I was facing in my life, and gave me the power to make important changes.  I highly recommended Deedra, and I am looking forward to my next reading.  Thank you!" 


Michel, Civil Engineer

“I came into it (tarot session) out of curiosity and with simple expectations to be entertained while gaining knowledge of the process. But I walked out with assurance and giddiness that this isn't a coincidence, I'm on the right trail.”


Ellen, business owner

"Not only is Deedra an amazing reader, she also has that rare ability to clearly, thoughtfully and succinctly articulate the information to you and how it applies to what may be going on with your life.  She obviously cares very much for the quality of her readings and how her customers experience the reading.  I highly recommend her!"


Anonymous, Electrical Engineer

“I just want to let you know I am glad that you give me clarity in my life. I fully trust your advice and guidance. Time and time again everything you said has become true. I have become more confident in taking actions to build a life of my dreams. Thank you!” 


Emily, acupuncturist

“Deedra’s reading brought light to a lot of things that are going on in my life. As she explained the cards, I had a lot of ‘aha’ moments and validation around my current situation and experiences. I found her to be extremely intuitive.”  

Lindsay, Music Therapist

"Working with Deedra helped bring to light some things that have been in the back of my mind for some time. Her interpretation of the cards was so supportive of my process in continuing to develop a deeper understanding of myself.  She is insightful, engaging, and completely present during the reading. I highly recommend working with her!" 

 Denise, admin asst. 

“Dee’s interpretation of my reading was very precise and thorough.  I felt extremely comfortable and safe.”  

Mark, artist

“The reading was very insightful and surprised me.  The reading of the cards caught me off guard and made me look at some of the reoccurring patterns in my life.” 

Fiona, actor

"Deedra's readings are skilled, clear, and accurate.  My reading with her was right on, and it was a wonderful, deepening experience where I received a lot of validation and insight into my feelings and life situations." 

Charles, ballet teacher

“I found Dee's reading for me, to be quite relaxing.  It helped to reinforce my beliefs I already knew. By having her validate those beliefs, I feel more enlightened and free.” 

Vicky, retired Navy

“The burning question that I had was answered and a few weeks later has come to fruition! Deedra's reading was spot-on and also helped me to follow through on the issue. The other question is for a future project and the answers I got will help keep me motivated!”


Paul, sales

“SPOT ON.”  

Dana, actor/singer

"Had a Tarot card reading tonight. Everything was on point and I learned something new about myself! I loved my readings. It was a good eye opener for me! Thank you." 

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