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I am deedra Wong, the creator of tarot perspectives.

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 A tarot session is a collaborative experience between me, you and the cards. I always let the tarot cards do the talking first. My layout will tell us what your soul is working on right now and how you are evolving. It may bring up various people, influences and experiences in your life. This helps me help you. Once I get through the cards, I will ask how the cards resonate with you. This is when we get collaborative. This is when we make sure we get to questions you have. Be prepared, we are going to go deep if you are willing. I ask you questions in order to provoke deeper awareness that the tarot wants you to be aware of. We want clarity during sessions! It is my job to make sure you and the cards understand each other. It may feel a lot like soul therapy. It is not about me predicting events in your life only telling you about you. I describe your soul experiences which are mostly emotional and mental! I serve as a messenger and interpreter of the tarot. I am good at empowering you to see beyond Ego limitations and illusions. I help you move forward with more clarity, perspective and self awareness. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I want to help you gain confidence in learning your life lessons. The truth is, you don't need me or anyone outside of you to tell you about you but if you need help, I am willing to help you get started on your self spiritual awareness. These sessions are not about determining the future (you can see a fortune teller for that). I am good at describing what your future may feel like...the process you will undergo. I totally trust the cards. Even if you disagree with my interpretation, deny it, or resist...I trust the cards. And yes, the cards can and may describe possible outcomes of the future because they describe what your soul is undergoing based on laws of karma, subconscious behavior and life lessons. I help people reflect deeply. Get ready to get out of Ego limiting perspectives and let Tarot Perspectives guide you back into a soulful perspective. If you would like to book a session, fill out the request form above and I will be in contact soon.

More questions? Email me deedra@tarotperspectives.com

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