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I am deedra Wong, the creator of tarot perspectives.

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A reading with Tarot Perspectives is like getting a spiritual check up. You go to a medical doctor for a physical check up...you go to a tarot reader for a spiritual check up. The cards represent Divine Intervention. A tarot session is a collaborative experience between me, you and the cards. I let the tarot do the talking first. They may bring up various people, influences and experiences in your life. Once I get through the cards, I listen to you and where you're coming from. This is when we get collaborative. From what the cards say and what you say, I bring it all together with an intuitive approach. The cards give me feelings, visions, and sensations about what your body, mind and soul is processing. It will feel like soul therapy and probably feel good in a spiritual kind of way. We can also ask direct questions for detailed answers from the tarot. My hope is to send you off with more clarity, perspective, awareness and lightness of being. Readings are not just about determining the future. They are about who we are now and how we can handle the future and why we are going through certain life experiences. Don't see me as a fortune teller. I am more like a spiritual guide.

A Tarot Perspectives reading is a soulful experience. If you would like one, please fill out the request form above and I will be in contact soon. Thank you!

More questions? Email me deedra@tarotperspectives.com