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THE HIGH PRIESTESS was at a party and you got to meet her...briefly.

If intuition were a person at a party, she would be the quiet, feminine female presence whom nobody spoke to because she is not loud and boisterous. You might not notice her.

She's not the type to interrupt a conversation because she doesn't demand to be heard. She is patient and waits for an opening...a pause in conversation where there is space to be received for whomever is willing to listen. It's up to you to engage her. So you turn and start a conversation with her. And then you realize you have a hard time understanding her because she speaks so softly. There is a possibility you will misinterpret what she says because there is so much chatter going on in the room. The voices of others trying to be funny, witty, righteous, noticed, and heard. So you focus and listen to her more closely. And you realize what she says is meaningfully expansive with a tone of gentle truth and wisdom. There is a knowingness that speaks to your heart and makes you wonder...could she be right? It feels right in my heart. Intuition's perspective on any situation, problem or issue may seem out of the box however there is always truth to what she says, even if you can't explain why it feels true in that moment. You reflect for a few seconds on what you just heard from her. And the next thing you know...someone else came and interrupted the conversation. Intuition was drowned out once again and she left the conversation. Is she still here at the party? Who was that person? Was she real? She must have been. What she said felt meaningful and you'll never forget the mysterious female presence that almost seemed like a ghost. You hope to meet again because the conversation was different. But for now, you'll go back and join the other partygoers because you just aren't sure where to find intuition.

Many people claim they struggle following or hearing intuition. Intuition is quiet heart intelligence. To be fluent in the intuitive language, we must study what our heart says over what our mind says. Include your heart and you will be on the road to fluency. When we take time to listen to intuition, she is mostly at first letting us know if something "feels right" or "doesn't feel right." Do we really need to know why we feel that way in that moment? Not really. We don't need concrete evidence when listening to intuition..we just need to trust and let life reveal the repercussions for listening or not listening. According to, "Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four major ways: neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions). Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity."

When we pay attention to intuition, we are paying attention to our hearts intelligence. It is built into our physical system. If our physical body is ill and imbalanced, imagine how hard it is to listen to the heart. The heart is taking in so much information at once! So let's take care of our hearts and partner up easily with intuition!

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