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THE MAGICIAN: I am going to do it!!!

Have you ever felt like inventing something new? Or re-inventing yourself? It's so exciting at the beginning!

So let's say you want to lose 40 pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. You have a vision of what life will be like when you are 40 pounds less. Eating well, enjoying it, embracing it. The lifestyle looks so clean! You want it! You are it. This Divine Vision of yourself is most likely coming from your Higher Self. So you enroll at a gym, maybe hire a personal trainer and subscribe for healthy meal deliveries (you are so sure you love super greens day and night). You obsess over health lifestyle gurus. This is going to be the new you! You know it because you are highly inspired to do it. You even buy new workout clothes to get into the role! This motivation and sudden boost of confidence is MAGICIAN energy. It's running through your adrenaline. Strong will and desire has assured you of success before the transformation has even begun.

This initial overwhelming motivation to invent a new reality is an exciting time for a person. The drive to create a change and go for what you know is a powerful feeling that exudes...I am going to do it!!!

Notice the word CREATE change. Not allow change, not expect change, not accept change, not be open to change. The MAGICIAN wants to CREATE change. Make it happen. Big difference. This is not a passive experience.

So! What the MAGICIAN doesn't know yet is if this new fire will be sustainable for the long haul. An inventor always comes up with new ideas but there is always an initiation phase. Will the invention see the light of day? Will the invention stand the test of time? You'll know once you get into the grind and face the challenges. Goals teach us about who we are. Natural growth happens and character builds. Creating 40 pounds less weight is not easy. It takes relentless energy. And this initial motivation is an important start. It's called gusto!

Looking at the traditional MAGICIAN tarot card of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you'll see he has tools on his table to manifest. The sword is the idea, the cup is his sincerity, the wand is his will and the pentacle represents a material resource to make it happen. The halo above his head indicates feeling divinely inspired to take this new action. The red cape is passion and the flower bed represents the potential for growth.

Basically, a MAGICIAN wants to transform reality. Think entrepreneurs, writers, choreographers, chefs, drama queens, inventors, inspirational speakers, scientists, actors, painter, builders, architects, producers...anything that calls for creating something out of nothing.

I was very excited to start this new tarot blog. The motivation was there so I pumped out the first one (THE FOOL card) quite swiftly. So here I am again. Inspired at the beginning of a journey motivated to transform into a tarot blogger while transforming others who read it. I also had the Divine Vision to become a day trader. The motivation is still with me! I am relentless at the process of learning to become one (profitable). I remember the day the inspiration arrived in February 2018. I'm still trading today. I am willing to face the challenges that come with it allowing growth to happen. It is transforming me! Pay attention to when you feel called to create something new or re-invent yourself. And then run with MAGICIAN energy. It can be really fun!

Key feelings: Creating something out of nothing (even drama); finding the wherewithal to get something going; feeling divinely certain where you are headed and what you need to do about; taking new action never taken before; being ultra creative

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